Workshop Český Krumlov (2015)

Workshop on Molecular Evolution

Český Krumlov, 25 Jan – 7 Feb 2015

This page contains teaching materials to support BEAST 2 practical sessions at the
Workshop on Molecular Evolution in Český Krumlov, 2015.

Required Software

The following software must be installed on your computer to complete these tutorials:


The following tutorials will be taught during practical sessions in the Workshop.

To download nex file, please right click the link and choose “Download the Linked File As”.

  1. Divergence Dating Tutorial 2.2 [pdf] [primate-mtDNA.nex]
  2. *BEAST Tutorial 2.2 [pdf] [26.nex] [29.nex] [47.nex]
  3. Ancestral reconstruction/Discrete phylogeography 2.3 [pdf] [H5N1.nex]
  4. Advanced Tree Priors session


An extra set of tutorials that you may find useful to investigate in your own time can be found here:

  1. Measurably Evolving Populations Tutorial 2.2 [pdf] [RSV2.nex]
  2. Path Sampling [html]
  3. The rough guide to SNAPP [pdf]

Further documentation

Further documentation on BEAST2 can be found on the BEAST2 website.

If you are having trouble starting BEAST and BEAUti by double-clicking on Windows it is probably
because you have more than one Java version installed. Make sure “java — version” reports version 1.8
and then follow these instructions
to start BEAUti and BEAST from the Command Prompt.

In windows, double clicking the jar file to start DensiTree. Or use the command line:
“java -jar DensiTree.jar”.

Bayesian evolutionary analysis by sampling trees