What is new in v2.4.4

Smooth out some issues with importing Nexus files in BEAUti. The NEXUS file can contain information about calibrations on clades and tip ages, which is more convenient when there are many calibrations or dated tips. In the previous release, BEAUti displayed any distribution as being ‘Uniform’, even when other distributions were specified in the NEXUS file, and could not be changed in BEAUti, which is fixed now. In some circumstances, when tip dates were specified a major problem occurred preventing BEAUti to set up connections, which manifested itself in missing priors and other components, which is fixed in this release.

A TreeAnnotator fix was made so user defined trees to can be annotated instead of using an MCC tree based on the tree file.

Allow smaller log files by logging fewer significant digits of metadata. The TreeWithMetaDataLogger has a “dp” flag that can be used to specify the number of decimal places to use writing branch lengths, rates and now also real-valued metadata. When logging large trees this can reduce the size of the file considerably.

Fix that prevented starting any BEAST application on Mac Sierra. The OSX version was released on a computer that did not run Sierra, and it appears that prevented any BEAST application to open under the new security settings in Sierra, though it did not prevent them to run on any older version of OSX.

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