Issues tracking

BEAST is now sufficiently stable that no coding should be done unless an issue is logged. This allows discussion of the issue, and since different developers know about different dependencies, improves the efficiency with which issues are resolved.

Issues are tracked in github at

Issue labels 

The following labels are defined:

  • critical priority: must fix for next release.
  • high priority: needs fixing, if all critical priority issues are fixed.
  • medium priority
  • low priority
  • defect: genuine bug
  • enhancement: add additional functionality instead of being a bug
  • duplicate: issue is already logged with more details elsewhere
  • BEAUti: issue related to BEAUti instead of related to BEAST, LogCombiner, etc.
  • question: issue was logged, but needs to be verified that this really is a BEAST issue instead of misconfiguration, user error, etc.. If it is a real issue, it can be promoted to something with some priority, otherwise it can be closed.
  • Milestone 

An issue can be labelled with a milestone. Milestones can be used to indicate the target release for the issue.

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